Cookies & Desserts

Made from traditional recipes in small batches, our homemade cookies and desserts are a delectable treat. Each small batch is prepared in the Long Dock kitchen, so you really taste the difference and imagine that they have just been freshly baked in your own family home.

Growing up in as part of a large Irish family Imelda learnt to bake from her Mother. A naturally gifted baker, all the neighbors soon discovered just how good her bread and scones really were and almost by mistake she ended up supplying the neighbourhood to keep up with the demand.  Imeldas mother was very shy and never considered that she ran a business despite baking every day for many years.

Fortunately, the gift has passed down to Imelda who bakes the bread that is served today in The Long Dock Restaurant, and the demand for the beautiful family recipe has continued, and Imelda’s Bread Mixes are in demand

So that you can enjoy a taste of this lovely Irish brown bread , we have recreated a bake at home version based on the original recipe so you can enjoy the entire process at home, including that just baked smell in the kitchen.

Imelda gift as a baker extends beyond bread making and you will find the most beautiful authentic apple pies, rhubarb crumbles, chocolate brownies, sticky toffee puddings  and cookies for sale, all with that magical touch that only a natural born baker can achieve.

Look out for our beautiful gift tins that make a lovely gift.


All our produce is created in The Long Dock Kitchen using the finest ingredients, in small batches, to traditional recipes.